What if the miracle of life doesn't end with death? What if the miracle continues?

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Fall 2018

Esther with Neil Helm, Vice President A.R.E., Between Heaven & Earth workshop at the Edgar Cayce Foundation in Virginia Beach, VA.
"If you have, or you know anyone who has, lost a loved one, this book must be read. I hope everyone will get the crystal clear message: Our loved ones are always with us."  -  Carole A. Ferrill, former State President, Florida Motion Picture & Television Association
"This book grabbed my heart and didn't let go. It made me laugh, it made me cry. What a message of hope and inspiration!" Dianne Lawson, contributing writer, Capitol Journal, Topeka, Kansas

"..Magical, far beyond a mere story." Scott Anderson, Director Harvard Square Screenwriters, Boston, MA
“I have never read a more thoughtful and inspiring book. I am a paranormal researcher and I admire Esther’s courage in telling this story… “ Robyn McKinney, President Paranormal Association of Research & Assistance.

“Life and Death. Esther takes you on a remarkable personal journey to reveal how the two are intertwined.” Paul Sirmons, former Florida Film Commissioner,The producer, feature films Te Ata, The First of May.

"I was fortunate enough to hear your wonderfully delivered personal story of your son Dean and you, at the Association for Research and Enlightenment, on Feb. 2nd. I am writing to simply share what happened to me as you were nearing the end of your talk.
     "You were standing behind the podium. I was looking at you when I suddenly noticed a sliver of whitish-gray around the back of your head. I kind of blinked, thinking it was my dirty glasses or my eyes playing tricks on me. I continued to look. I thought it might go away, but the aura grew larger and more visible.
    "By then, you began to move to the podium's side and, as you did, that light turned into a circle as large as your head. It moved with you, hovered a bit, then vanished.
    "I have been involved in a spiritual path since I was a young boy, and this was the first aura I'd ever seen.
    "I hope you continue to spread your story. It is well worth telling - and hearing." - Uwe Wilken,  Virginia Beach, VA

Death cannot break the bond that always was 
and always will be



  To help mend broken hearts
  To prove that life is eternal
  To prove that love is eternal
  To leave the reader filled with hope
  To uplift 
  To help those who have lost loved ones move forward           with their lives
  To open minds to new insights and understanding
  To give readers tools that will enable them to become a
      lantern in the dark to others whose hearts have been
      broken by loss.

When mystery writer Esther Luttrell’s son Dean died, she began experiencing an interesting and mysterious phenomenon: “accidental” meetings with others who were grieving. 

In her book, Dear Dean…Love, Mom, Luttrell gets to the root of something she closed her mind to for years about love, life and what comes after death. 
“I confess it took me thirteen years to gather the courage to write this book,” says the author, who lives in Topeka, Kansas. “I’m not a religious philosopher or a psychic. I’m just a mom who lost her boy and has been blessed by miracles. I’d held back on writing what I’ve come to know for fear of being dismissed as delusional, or worse.”
A fulfillment of an “important assignment” from her son, and a poignant rumination on life after loss, Dear Dean…Love, Mom is a must-read for anyone who wonders if death is the end, or simply another beautiful beginning. 

As the author explains, writing this book is not exclusively about her and her own experiences. “It is a way of reaching out to others. My mission is to pass Dean’s message on to every heart that has ever been broken by bereavement. Dean proved to me, beyond any possible doubt, that life and love are eternal.”

Dear Dean…Love, Mom is available through Amazon